Tips for your toddler’s first trip to the Salon

Don’t be surprised if your little one is less than impressed with a trip to the salon, as with all new experiences, she or he may be a little fearful of the unknown. Before you take your little one to the appointment, you can prepare them for a good experience.

Try to understand why your child may be afraid – are they worried it will be painful? Consider how your child will behave – do they struggle to sit still for a long period, or do they get bored easily – and try to incorporate preventive measures to combat any potential dramas at the salon.

Many children don’t like having their hair washed and combed, so we recommend getting your child used to having water falling on their face from early on. You can start by showering with them and making the experience fun, which will assist with washing their hair in the future.

At home, there are a number of great hair products that are gentle enough to not cause any pain if they get into your child’s eyes. Some kids hate having their hair brushed as detangling knots hurt. Always brush from the bottom and use a wide comb to brush wet hair, as well as a child-friendly detangler.



Tips for the first trip to the hairdresser


  • Half the battle is won if you take your little one to a child-friendly hairdresser. It’s also a good idea to make the appointment at a time when your child won’t feel tired.


  • Take note of the stylist’s name, then tell your child about the magical place they will be visiting and the special stylist who will be doing their hair. If you can, prepare your little one by showing pictures of the salon set-up and explaining why they need to go there.


  • Take along some entertainment, a data loaded iPad or tablet and headphones.


  • Give your child options and the chance to choose from the various hairstyles.


  • Wash your child’s hair at home if they hate having it washed. It will save you the salon drama. Also undo any hairstyles your bundle of terror may have at home before heading out to the salon.


  • Be patient. The first trip to the salon can be a daunting experience. We do after all teach our children not to allow strangers to touch them.