How to Find the Right Hairstylist for You

The only thing harder than finding the perfect guy? Finding the perfect hairdresser! We’ve all ventured into uncharted hair territory only to walk out broken hearted and in tears. Whether you’ve recently moved to a new city or you’re going through a dramatic hair breakup, that the time to find the right stylist to suit your specific needs. Before you plan your next hair makeover, follow these simple steps.

Consider the type of stylist you are seeking


If you have a special hair type, then you want to find a hair stylist who is experienced with your hair type and hair needs. Keep this in mind when you seek a hair salon. If you find a salon you like ask them if there is a stylist there who is experienced with your hair type can help you to make your decision.

Search online for local salons and stylists


You want to find a salon that is not too far from where you live or work so that it will be convenient for you. Search for salons in your area to get your list going. Open Google search and type something like “salons near me” or “salons in Midrand”. This will generate a list of all of the salons in your area. You can also use hashtags on social media to help you find and view work from salons in your area. For example, using #midrandsalons will lead you to profiles and pictures from salons in Midrand.

Ask your friends and family for recommendations


Friends and family may be able to help you find a salon. Choose a friend or family member who has a hairstyle you like and ask which salon they go to and whether or not they like it. You can even ask what hairstylist they recommend. Try telling friends or family what type of hair stylist you are looking for as well and see if that route doesn’t render any results. 


Evaluating Hair Salons

Check ratings and customer reviews


A salon’s ratings may be a good indication of the type of service you will receive. Search online to find reviews of the salon and check the overall rating of the salon. Pay attention to the score and the number of times the salon has been rated.

Visit the salon’s website to get a feel for what they offer


Once you have found a salon that you are considering, check out the salon’s website to see what services they offer. You may also be able to find a price list on the website. For example, if you are looking for a salon where you can get hair extensions, then this information will likely be on the salon’s website.

Call the salon and ask questions


If there is any information that you cannot find on the salon’s website, then you can always call and talk to someone at the salon. Call and ask any questions you have about the salon’s services, hours, pricing, stylists, etc.

Make a booking 


If you think you might want to start going to a salon based on all your research and recommendations, book an appointment or a consultation. Consultations are free SONO salons, so it is a good risk-free way to see if you want to give us a try.

Inspect the salon during your consultation 


While you are visiting the salon, take a look around and note anything that might help you make your decision. Some things you might want to look for include:


    • Cleanliness. Are the countertops tidy? Are the floors clean?
    • Employee demeanor. Do the employees greet you and smile? Does the hairstylist talk to you in a professional manner?
    • Products available. Can you purchase your favorite hair care products at the salon?




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